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With 92 percent of the public concerned about threats to privacy, you need a security policy that meets regulatory, customer, employee and your personal needs.

According to Federal Trade Commission research, 1 in 4 Americans will become an Identity Theft victim at least once.

pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methdology

Assessor Certification Training
Privacy Vulnerability Database

What is the pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology?

The pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology is a systematic set of procedures used to review the personal private information security posture of an individual or family for the purpose of identifying potential privacy vulnerabilities. Options to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerabilities are then formulated based on mission and threat actor motivation and resources.

The pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology consists of the following components:

  • Identifying internal Private Information assets and procedures, mission and intended results
  • Gathering information on private information handling policies and practices of Third Parties
  • Testing the private information handling policies and practices of third parties
  • Using the pINFOSECSM Privacy Vulnerability Database, sharing privacy vulnerability information on procedural vulnerabilities, as well as actual vulnerabilities discovered to exist with third party organizations, and using information shared by others to determine a Privacy Posture Rating

Who should use the pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology?

Information Security Analysts, Personal/Executive Protection Specialists, Law Enforcement Officers, Private Investigators, Field Agents, Domestic Violence Counselors, and anyone making over $100,000 per year or with a net worth over $250,000 will find the pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology to be of great value in performing their duty to safeguard sensitive personal information.

How is the pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology taught?

The $2,495 five-day training program is provided in an in-person classroom setting with group exercises. Those who successfully complete all five days of training, group exercises and final examination will receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition, those who successfully complete case studies will be deemed to be pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology Certified. The case studies test the individual's capability to conduct an assessment on their own and to make risk management decisions based on a well-developed and current understanding of real-world privacy and security exploits.

Can I offer Privacy Assessments after successfully completing the pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology training?

Those who successfully complete the case studies and become pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology Certified are entitled to advertise that they are so certified, however, only certain individuals may become pINFOSECSM Registered Privacy Assessors.

How do I get access to the pINFOSECSM Privacy Vulnerability Database?

You must be a pINFOSECSM Registered Privacy Assessor in order to gain access to the pINFOSECSM Privacy Vulnerability Database, or subscribe.

How do I become a pINFOSECSM Registered Privacy Assessor?

pINFOSECSM Privacy Assessment Methodology Certified individuals that go through a identification and criminal background vetting process, and continue to pay the annual administrative fee for using the pINFOSECSM Privacy Vulnerability Database will be considered to be pINFOSECSM Registered Privacy Assessors.

Do government agencies, corporations and other organizations get access to the pINFOSECSM Privacy Vulnerability Database?

The database does not contain individually identifying information, however it may provide information that would be useful in formulating policy changes, or privacy vulnerability remediation plans. Organizations may establish an account for properly vetted individuals to have access to reported vulnerabilities and their status for general public policy vulnerabilities, and those pertaining specifically to their organization. Access to the database is on an annual subscription basis at a rate of $4,895 per year per user license.

Registration for Training

Reserve your seat without delay as each workshop is limited to 25 people in order to be most effective. For further details on dates and locations, and to register, please send an email to . Payment due at the door via cash or PayPal only. pINFOSECSM reserves the right to cancel a class if there are less than five people registered.

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