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Ensure people with your private information act as a firewall to unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.


With 92 percent of the public concerned about threats to privacy, you need a security policy that meets regulatory, customer, employee and your personal needs.

According to Federal Trade Commission research, 1 in 4 Americans will become an Identity Theft victim at least once.

Privacy Workshop for Business

Your customers are seeking assurances about how your organization handles the personal information they provide to you. Does your business support the requirements of these and other applicable privacy regulations and industry standards?

As your business reaches into worldwide markets, you will need to understand privacy issues from a global perspective. In addition, you will need an overall assessment of how responsibly and effectively your business manages personal data and customer-facing privacy policies.

Sound privacy practices, both business and technical, will need to be put in place to maintain the privacy of your customers personal information. The best way to address your business needs is to develop an organization-wide privacy strategy. ID Theft Solutions' one-day Privacy Workshop is designed to help businesses understand these new challenges and develop plans to meet them.

Service covers:


The price for pINFOSEC's one-day Privacy Workshop for Business, without the optional report, is $2,500.

For the workshop with a follow-up report, the total price is $5,000. Applicable travel and living expenses are extra.

For other arrangements and other services, please inquire further.

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