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Ensure people with your private information act as a firewall to unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.


With 92 percent of the public concerned about threats to privacy, you need a security policy that meets regulatory, customer, employee and your personal needs.

According to Federal Trade Commission research, 1 in 4 Americans will become an Identity Theft victim at least once.

Privacy: The Information Security Way

Personal Private Information Security Workshops

For Public and Private Groups


Learn techniques of mapping personal data classification, information flows, and layered defenses. Gain clear understanding of anonymity, psuedoanonymity and asset protection issues with respect to personal information protection. Procedures are provided for individuals to follow for evaluating and testing the security of their private information/assets controlled by someone else.


Learn how to take your personal information protection to the next level by applying information security methodologies. Personal information is classified and diagrammed in a layered network fashion. Anonymity and psuedoanonymity concerns are taken into account. Then, communication between layers and third parties is taken into consideration.

Learn what information others see about your personal life. An accounting is taken of what companies and other third parties are entrusted with an individual's private information. A list of questions for these third parties is provided to assist in assessing vulnerabilities and determining who to do business with.

An individual private information security posture rating is then developed using vulnerability assessment and evaluation techniques, assigning standardized vulnerability and severity information. Techniques are provided for testing the actual security of one's personal information in the possession of third parties. Legal and policy issues pertaining to this privacy penetration testing are also addressed.

Individuals will learn how to do the following:


The instructor/facilitator for pINFOSEC privacy workshops has over 30 years of IT industry experience and the following credentials:


For individuals, the half-day public Personal Private Information Security Workshop is $495 per person or couple.

For private groups, the Personal Private Information Security Workshop is a full day, and is $2,500. You provide the facilities. Applicable travel and living expenses are extra (not applicable if in conjunction with public workshops). Well-suited for teams of key executives.

For other arrangements, please inquire.

Registration for Public Workshop

Reserve your seat without delay as each workshop is limited to 25 people in order to be most effective. These workshops tend to fill up quickly. For further details on dates and locations, and to register, please send an email to . Payment due at the door via cash or PayPal only.

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