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Ensure people with your private information act as a firewall to unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.


With 92 percent of the public concerned about threats to privacy, you need a security policy that meets regulatory, customer, employee and your personal needs.

According to Federal Trade Commission research, 1 in 4 Americans will become an Identity Theft victim at least once.

About Us

Nationwide, pINFOSECSM provides private information training, consulting and testing services for individuals, family-owned businesses and government agencies. pINFOSECSM takes a forward-looking position of what is considered private information based on the myriad of international laws and regulations to respect personal preferences and goes beyond compliance.

pINFOSECSM focuses on private information systems in personal and business contexts from both internal and external perspectives. Individual and group training is provided on how to apply information security methodologies to personal private information. For business and government clients, security awareness and specialized training is available.

For individuals, businesses and government clients, a full range of private information consulting services are offered, which take into account:

Our consultants have extensive experience in a variety of information security domains, providing services to organizations like:

In addition, our consultants have expertise in providing litigation and paralegal support to organizations such as: pINFOSECSM offers professionals with training/certifications including:

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pINFOSECSM does not engage in the business of private investigation, provide legal or investment advice, or provide physical security services regulated through state licensure.
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